What is Your Boyfriends Name?

This Quiz Determines What your Boyfriends Name should be. It will tell what they are like and what they do. They can be cool geeky and alot more........

Do You Have a boyfriend? because i can tell you what your boyfriends name will be... If you take this Quiz i will tell you about your boyfriend what your boyfriends name is going to be, so take this quiz to find out!!!

Created by: Christina

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. ThIs QuIz iS MeNt FoR GirLZ So HoNesTlY ArE YoU a GiRl?
  2. WhAtZ YoUr FavOrItE CoLoR?
  3. Do YoU HaVe A CRuSh oR A BoYfRieNd?
  4. WhAtZ YoUr BoYFrIeNd/CrusHz NaMe?
  5. WhAt iS YoUr BoYfRieNd/CruSh LiKe?
  6. WhAtZ YoUr NaMe?
  7. WhAtZ/WhAt dO YoU ThInK iS yoUr CrUsH/boYFrieNdz FaVoRiTe SpOrT?
  8. WhAt iS YoUR CrUsHz/BoYfRieNdz FaVorItE MuSic?
  9. Are you getting Curious to find out what your boyfriends name is?
  10. WhAt NaMe Do YoU LiKe?

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Quiz topic: What is my Boyfriends Name?