Which of my X-boyfriends are you most like?

This is a rare yet acurate personality test where I will use what i know about my X-boyfriends (there are several)to figure out as best i can which one you are most like.

Lets see how absolutely brilliant i am. Take my quiz and see which discription and which boyfriend I think you are most like. If i'm right thats just fine and dandy and if i'm wrong, well,does it really matter in the end?

Created by: Kelsey of silent music
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  1. What stereotype do you think you fall under?
  2. What is your faveorite color?
  3. What is your religion
  4. What clothes store do you shop at most?
  5. Describe our relationship.
  6. Favorite candy?
  7. Ideal first date.
  8. if you could have any super power. what would it be?
  9. What color is your hair
  10. which do you prefer?
  11. what instrument do you play or want to play?

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Quiz topic: Which of my X-boyfriends am I most like?