What is you'r favourite season?

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Maybe you asked yourself many times what is you'r favourite season because you were unsure! So, you found this quizz.. Take it and we will found out...

This quizz is just fo fun, not something real, so have fun...and do not be upset if the answer is wrong...i just tried to make it for fun and for curious people like me :p..have fun!

Created by: Dana Cristiana

  1. Outside is a good weather, and you'r friends are calling and asking you if you wanna go with them outside to have some fun. What do you tell them?
  2. It's morning, and you open you'r eyes. What do you do or expect to happen?
  3. You wish that when you wake up, to see outside:
  4. When you get you'r first kiss, where you want to be?
  5. What pet you most want to have?
  6. From these 4 things, what you like the most?
  7. What is you'r element of nature?
  8. Choose someone from above:
  9. Choose something from above:
  10. Where you want to spend the Holiday?

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