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My quiz tells you about what drink you are. I know what you thinking what kind of quiz is that. It is more than what your drinks it can be water Hawaiian punch,dr.pepper, and cactus cooler.

this quiz also tells you your personality and guesses what stuff your into or like. And who knows maybe there's something you'll find new about your self.

Created by: Noel... MICKEY MOUSE

  1. Do you like sunsets and volcanoes?
  2. Do you like hot or cold temperatures?
  3. Do you like to help others?
  4. Do you want to be popular?
  5. Do you love sea animals and the ocean no matter if it's cold or warm?
  6. Do you like owls and cacti?
  7. When your older do you want to be a doctor or a nurse?
  8. Do you ever follow what the other kids do?
  9. Do you like Cactus Cooler?
  10. Do you like Dr. pepper
  11. Do you like Hawaiian punch?
  12. Do you like water

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