What is the Animal Within You?

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You my have pets that look like you but, few can know an animal that thinks like you. A spirit animal is an animal that understands you. Everyone has one.

What is your spirit animal? Can you possibly be the lucky one who gets the one they wanted? Until now you could only wonder. Now you can find the animal you understand!

Created by: Grace Long
  1. How social are you?
  2. How smart are you?
  3. You're friend is sick. You...
  4. How good can you sing? Honest!
  5. What element do you seek most in a friend?
  6. How brave are you? Honest!
  7. A bully punches you lightly. You...
  8. You love to eat...?
  9. Where would you like to live?
  10. Which animal do you not want?

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