What ice cream flavor are you?

Everyone loves ice cream! Find out which ice cream flavor resembles your personality best! Are you Charming Chocolate, Very Vanilla, Sweet Strawberry, Mint Choco Chip, Cookie Dough, Crazy Coffee, or Rocky Road?

Will your personality quiz results be the same as your fav. flavor? Find out with this 12 question test. Remember though, this test is not scientific and is just for fun.

Created by: Vanessa
  1. Which sounds like the most fun?
  2. Your friends would describe you as....
  3. If you were an animal you would want to be:
  4. Which club would you most like to join?
  5. What is your fav. drink out of these?
  6. What would you prefer your life to be like?
  7. How do you like to spend a lazy summer afternoon?
  8. Which is actually your favorite flavor?
  9. It's most annoying when....
  10. You are best at....

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Quiz topic: What ice cream flavor am I?