What IAAF disease do you have?

This quiz is about children apart from the CFIAAF (Contol foundation of Idiopathic Adolescent Acute Force's) that was used to fight against a war. Each species of IAAF has its perks and superhuman abilities. Find out which species you are in this quiz.

You will answer question one by one to ensure you get the perfect answer that will match your personality. In this quiz, you learn which IAAF species you are. If you are unhappy with your results, then you can restart the quiz to see if you get the preferred answer you were hoping for.

Created by: Alexander Leon
  1. Would you say that your...
  2. What subject is your favorite?
  3. What would your friends describe you like?
  4. How trustworthy are you?
  5. Are you troubled when others are hurt?
  6. What pet would you have as a sidekick?
  7. On the weekend, would you rather be...
  8. Do you lie?
  9. Do people normally choose you as a leader
  10. What job would you rather have...
  11. Would you rather die...
  12. What would you use your powers for?

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Quiz topic: What IAAF disease do I have?