What Hogwarts house are you in

Are you a harry potter fan? Have you been wondering what house your in? So many possibilitys. Do you want accurate anawers too. Well if you do this is the quiz for you.

Here is my sorting hat song i made up:Slytherins get a bad rap but they really aren't so bad Gryffindors are brave and bold Hufflepuff people think are the dumb ones but get Hufflepuff and you'll see they aren't so bad either Ravenclaws are smart and and not so bad. So take this quiz and find out were you belong. Sorry I am not the sorting hat. I could never do what he does.

Created by: Magiclover:Slytherin
  1. Who do you perfer
  2. You are walking and suddenly you and your friends are surrounded and one guy starts attacking your friends what do you do?
  3. In your fourth year you suspect mad eye moody as an imposter and your friends suspect you of suspecting someone and they ask you about it but you do not even have enough evidence to prove it what do you do?
  4. Sorry I did not mean to put this on the quiz but it is so here
  5. Pick a element
  6. Who is your boy friend (girls)
  7. Who is your girl friend (boys)
  8. On the Hogwarts express what compartment do you choose
  9. The sorting hat calls your name are you...
  10. The sorting hat is deciding were to put you do you...
  11. What house do you think your in
  12. What house do you want to be in
  13. What house do you want to be in continued

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Quiz topic: What Hogwarts house am I in