what Harry Potter character r u - alekzz

Ok so this is a fun little quizz i made to see what harry potter character u are. Good luck and dont cry if you dont get the result that you want because that's just sad.

If you don't even like harry potter you can still take the quiz for fun don't worry. So like this site is making me type a certain number of words here so just ignore this sentence.

Created by: Alekz Black

  1. if you could be in any hogwarts house which one would it be?
  2. are you ugly? be honest
  3. whats ur worst quality
  4. are you smart
  5. why are you taking this quiz
  6. are you athletic
  7. do you like animals a lot
  8. what harry potter character do you think youre like
  9. what word best describes you
  10. what color is your hair

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