What Halo Character Are You?

there are many video games in the world, and many are character catogorized. video games, after all, are one of the most entertaining things to some people. what is halo? halo is a super weopen that is used to wipe out the universe!

Are you a halo fan? do you ever wonder what character youd be? until now you could only wonder. but thanks to this quiz in just a few minutes you will find out who you would be...

Created by: Samantha
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. if you got to choose any weapon what would it be?
  2. quick pick a color!
  3. where you want to be?
  4. pick one! any!
  5. music?
  6. pick one!
  7. uhhh...Pick one again!?!?!?
  8. Food?!?!?!?
  9. Memory?
  10. pick your favorite thing to be...!?!?!?

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Quiz topic: What Halo Character am I?