What Fruits Basket character are you?

Do you want to know which Fruits Basket character you best match up with? Then take this guiz to find out. Possible Results: -> Tohru -> Yuki -> Kyo -> Shigure -> Hatori -> Momiji -> Hatsuharu

In just a couple of minutes you will find out. The Possible Results again are: -> Tohru -> Yuki -> Kyo -> Shigure -> Hatori -> Momiji -> Hatsuharu

Created by: Alexa

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you good at secert keeping?
  2. Do you loose your temper?
  3. Can you make up your own songs on the spot?
  4. Do you have a true form?
  5. What animal would you want to transform into the most?
  6. Are you overly protective?
  7. Do you have a split personality?
  8. Do you have trouble finding why were you ever born into the world?
  9. Are you a clutz?
  10. Are you shy?

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Quiz topic: What Fruits Basket character am I?