What flavour are you?

This quiz will let you know what flavor YOU are. It's pretty accurate, if your honest. REMEMBER, this is just a quiz with results unknown to you, so if you already think you know your flavour, you might be wrong. Or you could be right, who knows. anyways HAVE FUN!

What flavour are YOU? Take this quiz and find out. Honesty plays an important part in this quiz to find out YOUR ACTUAL result. So be honest :) If you Lie to yourself, you're lying to others. So yah really wanna know your flavor, don't lie to yourself, it's as simple as that! HAVE FUN!

Created by: becca
  1. Your friend asks you if you don't mind she/he dates your ex, you...
  2. What is your fave song out of the following:
  3. What do YOUR friends describe you as?
  4. Lemon, Lime, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, or bannana?
  5. You're second cousin twice removed just died, you?
  6. In YOUR opinion, what best describes YOU?
  7. Do you like animals?
  8. Have you ever backstabbed someone close to you purposly?
  9. Angels or Demons?
  10. What did you think of this quiz?

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Quiz topic: What flavour am I?