What Family Guy character are you?

This is if you REALLY want to know the Family Guy character you are most like. WARNING: NOT RECOMMENDED FOR MOST KIDS. IT IS SURPRISINGIF KIDS CAN ACTUALLY DO THIS QUIZ!

Which Family Guy character are YOU most like? Are you a writer or director, like Brian? Are you a lazy drunk, like Peter? Or, are you a unattractive unappreciated teenager, like Meg? Find out here!

Created by: Spencer Lee Hemminger

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like to drink?
  2. Are you in a gifted program?
  3. Do you or do you want to write a book or direct a movie?
  4. Do you like to watch TV?
  5. Do people think you're unappealing?
  6. Do you like to draw?
  7. Are you a little chubby?
  8. Do you like to make jokes about sex or colored people?
  9. Do you know what sex is?
  10. Do you know things most people your age don't?
  11. Are you a kid or teenager?
  12. Have you ever thought or built an invention?
  13. Have you ever been drunk?

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Quiz topic: What Family Guy character am I?