What excuse are you for missing school?

This si a quiz to figure out what excuse you are for missing school and how that intertwines with your personality cuz it does....so take the quiz...please:)

SO................................i don't know why we have to right three paragraphs at the end of our quiz...but thanks if you take thee quiz............

Created by: mcr111

  1. DO you hate it when people are mad at you?
  2. Aare you conpetitive when you play in a sport or you do anything that is a game and you want to win?
  3. Are you superstious or believe in karma?
  4. When you go to a concert...would you be the person texting, head banging, or dancing all crazy...not caring who see?
  5. What would you rather do...climb a mountain or go to space?
  6. Do you get jealous alot?
  7. What symbol is the best?
  8. saying is the best:
  9. Are you a night owl or early bird?
  10. Do you tend to sing out loud alot?

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Quiz topic: What excuse am I for missing school?