What Eevee Evolution are you? POKEMON

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Welcome to my first quiz. I do pokemon quizzes! This quiz is about a lovable pokemon who has TONS of Evolutions. If you want to figure out if your more like Umbreon or Glaceon, maybe Sylveon or Jolteon, this quiz will tell you.

Would you defeat the trainer? Or perish in defeat? Figure it out in just a few minutes! I spent a lot of time on this so thank you for taking it ! :)

Created by: 5501826
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  1. What is your favourite pokemon type?
  2. Sorry, but what is your favourite colour out of the following?
  3. RP TIME! You are a level 8 Eevee. You come across a level 6 Ratta. You.....
  4. What Evolution are you hoping for? This will not effect your answer but just tell you some of the answers. Just in case you don't know/ don't remember :3
  5. Would you rather... Have a level 50 Sylveon OR.... Have a level 18 Eevee
  6. What face is more appealing to you? (I could have phrased that better)
  7. RPING AGAIN! You are still Eevee. You are in a new town. You look around. The first thing you want to find is.....
  8. If you could choose to name your Eevee, what would you name it?
  9. Last RP. You're battling a trainer. You only have one Pokemon left. Eevee. You cannot run or catch anything. Your Eevee is level 10 and the pokemon you face is a Shinx, level 13. You only have Tackle and Growl. Only one healing potion. 8 health left. You quickly....
  10. Thank you for taking my quiz! I hope you get a kewl Eeveolution. Get it? No... Its okay... Sorry to waste your time....

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Quiz topic: What Eevee Evolution am I? POKEMON