What Dragon are you?

This Quiz is to find out which of the main element dragons you are. This is just my opinion so sorry if you don't like your result. Also sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes

hope you enjoy :) ......................:):):):) XDXDXDX...........******;0;0;0;0;;;;;; hihihi byebyzbyebyebyebye UwU im just doing all this to let me submit the quiz

Created by: Sophie B

  1. How would you describe yourself?
  2. What is your Element?
  3. Are you shy?
  4. What job would you most likely have?
  5. I know this quiz was short but did you like it? (does not effect result)
  6. Bye!!!!!!
  7. does not effect result
  8. does not effect result
  9. does not effect result
  10. does not effect result

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Quiz topic: What Dragon am I?