What Dragon age character are you?

I made this quest since i think that the ones i've tried where full of silly / impossible questions with alternatives like "My wife went to look for the anvil in the deep roads" so i'm trying to make this one more about moral values etc, some questions are a bit more "game" related but i had a hard time coming up with only moral questions, and i think the "game like" questions are a fun addition!

So, what dragon age character are you? Zevran the romantic assasin? alistair the witty templar? or oghren the drunk? etc.. There's a total of 8 results!

Created by: Oddmaster
  1. The blight is raging, what is your priority, other then saving the world?
  2. Weapon of choice?
  3. What's your love life like?
  4. What of the following things would you like to have? chose one
  5. What best describes your personality?
  6. How do you feel about your homeland?
  7. How much does religion mean to you?
  8. How loyal are you?
  9. Your opinion on laws restricting power of the individual? (blood magic for example)
  10. How do you feel about beeing in a position of power?

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Quiz topic: What Dragon age character am I?