What dog breed is this?????

Dogs are a wonderful thing and many people know a lot about them, but their are only a few dog breed experts. There are so many and knowing them all well really makes a person a dog breed genius!

Are YOU a dog breed genius? Thanks to this amazing quiz, you can find out! Now go, go, go, go, go! You can't wait any longer! Are you a dog breed genius? Let's find out.

Created by: Kelly

  1. What dog breed is white, has pointy ears, and is loyal and very brave?
  2. What dog breed is sporty and medium sized that likes to herd sheep?
  3. What dog breed is fluffy and bred for snow with a thick coat?
  4. What dog breed is gray and smooth with a long and sleek body?
  5. What dog breed is hairless with pink splotches along his body?
  6. What dog breed is very popular in America and known for an amazing sense of smell?
  7. What dog breed is very social with a long feathery coat?
  8. What dog breed is usually a shaggy white and grey with a flap of fur covering the eyes almost completely?
  9. What dog breed is brown, black, and white with a fluffy coat and a long and powerful body?
  10. What dog breed is thought to be the tallest of all dogs?

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