What Dog Breed are You?

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Howdy! Welcome quiz of what dog breed you are! I know, pretty basic, but it is a good practice thing for me if I ever wanna make another one… either way, I hope you have a good time!

What dog did you get? The hardest one is probably the chihuahua tbh… Insert it in the comments, if you want! Unhappy with your result? That’s okay! This is truely your opinion, and these dogs are pretty general. So of course, this may not be the most accurate (Unless you get 90% or more on a certain dog)

Created by: Epic_Pomeranian
  1. Hello! Welcome to the quiz of… dog… let’s get started with some pretty basic questions. Okay… How would you describe yourself? (Sorry it’s a common question, but I NEED ANSWER.)
  2. Alright, nice! Okay, it’s time to ✨ FOrGe YoUr oWN StOry ✨ Got it? Ok, either way, scenario time: You are sitting at lunch with your friends. Where are you sitting at the table?
  3. Okay, fabulous. Now it’s time for a more simple question…School or party?
  4. Okay then… another story time thing! You are sitting in science class and making a project… Suddenly, someone trips, flies room, and then lands specifically on your project for the point of convenience FOR THIS QUESTION. Reaction..?
  5. Suddenly, the fire alarm goes off. You exit the building, and then 5 fire trucks pull up and you see smoke. REACTION?
  6. Pomeranian quiz: Pomeranians are…
  7. Chihuahua bait that will unleash your inner chihuahua: 🔥 🥩 💀 😎 😈
  8. Okay, almost done! Okay, you might not like this question… *Grabs shield, armour and ice cream* F- f… favourite Color…?
  9. Ahem… sorry about that! Now, last few questions, I promise! What is your favourite dog breed? (these are not on the results!)
  10. Last one! What did you think abt this quiz?

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