what dog breed are you

thank you for choosing this quiz I made this quiz because I loved dogs and I hope you do to I have worked on this quiz very hard I hope you enjoy this quiz and have I good rest of your day.

my quiz is about dogs and what breed you are because there are a lot of breeds and I wanted to guess what you wanted to be because I love to guess and I wanted something that you would enjoy

Created by: alex mckinney
  1. what is your fav color
  2. what's your fav food?
  3. what's your fav animal?
  4. what do you do for your weekend?
  5. how old are you
  6. what's your fav Disney character?
  7. what's your fav movie
  8. what best describes you
  9. what's your fav soda
  10. did you enjoy this quiz

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Quiz topic: What dog breed am I