What does Violet Dedalus think of you?

Come and see who you are to Violet (boys only) If your kind and thoughtful maybe a friend. If your strong and passionate a lover perhaps. If your a goody two shoes then your no use good bye.

Violet may act like a mean girl but she has a soft heart and loves a softy as a boyfriend. Be warned if you do something wrong she will kill you because she can be possessed.

Created by: Violet Dedalus

  1. What is your favourite subject
  2. What colour hair do you have
  3. Who is her best friend?
  4. You see Neville getting punched by Draco and his goons what do you do?
  5. Harry and his friends are leaving the castle at night what do you do
  6. What is Violet’s favourite animal?
  7. Who’s cuter
  8. Which teacher was best for DADA
  9. What would you say to Potato?
  10. What do you think about Violet

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