What does Shoto Todoroki feel for you?

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so you are y/n, and you have a MAJOR crush on Shoto Todoroki. he asks you out to a date, and you must make the correct choices to get him to like you. Good luck!

repeat: so you are y/n, and you have a MAJOR crush on Shoto Todoroki. he asks you out to a date. do you have what it takes to date him? find out here!

Created by: P4ND4_L0V3R
  1. Let's get right in this. so youŕe walking down the hallway towards class 1A, and you see your crush, Shoto Todoroki and you look down to the floor, blushing. Uraraka and Mina are at your desk, talking to each other. You walk over to them. "Y/N DID YOU HEAR!?!" Mina screams at you. "what?" you ask. Uraraka answers for you. "Mina heard that Shoto wants to ask you on a date!" you start blushing immensely as she says his name. what do you say?
  2. As class starts more people file in through the door, and you see Shoto walk in, and he stares at you. Aizawa tells the class that you are using your quirks on each other. He pairs you with Shoto. what do you do?
  3. you and Shoto battle, and then afterwards he says "congrats". after you walk away, Uraraka and Mina giggle and ask for each detail. what do you say?
  4. "look!" Mina exclaims, and looks behind us to look at Shoto, who is walking towards you. he pulls Uraraka out of the circle, and asks her a question and glances at you. you couldn't hear his question, or Uraraka's reply. then he walks over to you. "y/n, would you like to go on a date with me? i know a couple good places we could go, or you can recommend one." what do you reply with?
  5. no matter what you picked, you guys went on the date. you went to a nice place 'that cooked really good cold soba' as Shoto said. when you get there, he orders cold soba with water. what do you order?
  6. the waiter comes out to give you your food, and he tries to subtly wink at you, but Shoto sees and stands up, anger coming into his eyes. what do you do?
  7. okay so the roleplay is over. now for some fun questions that have no result :)
  8. What is your favorite Color? *runs like sonic*
  9. pick the right one. just 1.
  10. Are you smart?

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