What do you think? (Canterwood Crest characters)

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Hey! Hannah Cookie — again. Tired of me yet? lol.I’d love to hear what you think of the Canterwood Crest characters. I made this quiz, where you will be required to answer a few thoughts of the characters. Enjoy!

Basically, it’s just a few questions about your opinions on the Canterwood Crest characters, including Sasha, Paige, Heather, Jasmine, Jacob, Brit, Eric, Julia, Alison, and Mr. Conner

Created by: Hannah Cookie

  1. What do you think of Sasha Silver?
  2. Is Jasmine King a good person?
  3. Thoughts on Paige Parker?
  4. Heather Fox?
  5. Is Brit Chan okay?
  6. Do you like Jacob Schwartz?
  7. Is Eric Rodriguez one of your faves?
  8. What do you think when you think of Julia Myer?
  9. Is Alison Robb a suuuper character?
  10. Finally, Mr. Conner?

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Quiz topic: What do I think? (Canterwood Crest characters)