What do YOU know about MORMONS?!

There are alot of mormons; and for that matter, a lot of RUMORS about mormons. so, i desined this test to see if what people are thinking is what is true. i mean, after all, isn't it best to know the truth?

Is what you know or think about mormons really true? well, with this test, you can find out how much you really know!! Just a reminder, this test is not ment to make anyone look or feel stupid or to offend anyone. it's just for me and you to find out what you really know for fact, or what you thought was fact could possibly be rumor. :)

Created by: lorraine

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  1. What does MTC mean?
  2. What does CTR mean?
  3. Can anybody go into a mormon temple?
  4. When do boy and girl missionaries go on missions?
  5. Does EVERY mormon choose not to drink caffine?
  6. Who founded the mormon church?
  7. Who is their current prophet?
  8. When does the typical mormon become babtized?
  9. What food does Utah sell the most per capital in the whole country?
  10. Do mormons still do polygamy?
  11. What are garments?
  12. Why do most mormon families have LOADS of kids?
  13. Why did the mormons go to Utah?

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Quiz topic: What do I know about MORMONS?!