What do you know about Divergent?

There are many people who say they know Divergent, and those people may not know anything or they may be true experts. This quiz can tell the answer to that question.

Are you an expert? If you truly are, then you will ace this quiz easily. This quiz pushes the limits of even true experts, as it asks about tiny details. Now you will know just what you really know about Divergent.

Created by: Asertosi

  1. When the Dauntless go ziplining, what color are the slings?
  2. Who is really Divergent, Tris or Tobias?
  3. What is below the bottom of the roof that the Dauntless jump off of in training?
  4. What did Tris' mother tell her when Tris was learning how to knit?
  5. Why had Tris never seen a decorated room before the tattoo shop?
  6. Will compares Jeanine to what?
  7. How many silver rings does Lauren have in her right eyebrow?
  8. What percent of the Dauntless are affected by the mindless soldier serum?
  9. Which of these is not one of Tobias' fears?
  10. What is the color of the sky in the crow simulation?
  11. What color is the serum for the final test?
  12. Did you look at the book during the test?

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Quiz topic: What do I know about Divergent?