What do you hate about the doctor

Have you ever wondered if your fears are real if you will really die or why on Earth you have to go to the doctor at all even if all you want to do is pass time this quiz is perfect

This quiz is not to be taken seriously and if the reasolts are wrong don't worry this is mentioned only for entertainment purposes so enjoy but don't over think it

Created by: Manly man

  1. What do you think about blood
  2. I spend the most time
  3. A kidnapper comes up holding a gun he's bigger than you and isn't playing games what do you do
  4. Choose one
  5. Time
  6. Number
  7. Favorite word
  8. Math or anything else
  9. Wich one do you like better
  10. πŸ’― orπŸ”Ÿ

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Quiz topic: What do I hate about the doctor