What do the BNHA characters think of you? (Girls only)

Hey guys sorry this is a girls only quiz sorry bout that I'll make a boys only one soon okay but before tat you should now that I will be making a naruto on soon as well so yeah

Please remember to like and comment k. Also I will call you my little baby's from now on tell me if that's weird in the comments please and don't worry about being rude just put in another nickname in the comments also the nicknames will be decided on February 13, 2020 at 2:46 pm

Created by: Storyinventor

  1. okay so don't kill me for this what's your favorite color *Hides behind bakugou*
  2. Alright -RP- time
  3. It's your first day at UA and you bump into someone who is it? Bakugou: Wow real original Me:You got anything better? Bakugou: Why you little- *starts chasing me* Me: RIN!!! HELP
  4. Okay what is the first thing you say to them? *Hides under chair* Rin: OMG I leave you alone for five minutes and this is what happens every time! *Starts chasing bakugou*
  5. They ask you if you want to meet there friends what do you say? *Watching things get thrown*
  6. Okay -RP- over
  7. Ummm anyone got a question Kirishima:ME Me:Okay well ask away Kirishima:Who is your crush?
  8. Me:Hey Bakuhoe! Come ask a question! Bakugou:WHAT DID YOU SAY YO- Rin:*Gives threatening glare* Bakgou: Fine What do you think of deku?
  9. Me: Okay well then why don- Aizawa: What's going on in here? Me:Oh hey mister aizawa were doing a quiz want to ask y/n a question? Aiazawa: Sure what would you do in the face of a villain?
  10. Me:Okay well we have to go now Bye Everybody:BYE

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