What do people like about you?

when someone gets to know you there is usually something that they like about you. it has to do with your personality and what kind of a person you really are.

take this quiz it is awesome and fun lol. take it and find out what people like about you and see if you agree with the result that you end up with.:)

Created by: kneekiki02
  1. you see a flock of birds you?
  2. your in a movie theatre and you find the movie boring so you?
  3. oh yay a party what do you do when you get there?
  4. your bff is getting picked on so you?
  5. Your sitiin at home bored with your friends you decide to?
  6. Hurry pick!
  7. you love to?
  8. Favorite place?
  9. running out of questions
  10. ok well bye

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