What Do People Admire About You?

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This quiz will tell you what people most admire about you. It may not be 100% accurate but bear with me. I hope you enjoy. And remember to rate it. And leave a comment.

Everyone has something special about them that people notice. What's yours. Comment below on what you got. And share with friends or family. Please, enjoy.

Created by: Abigail
  1. What is your favorite thing to do?
  2. Are you a extrovert or introvert?
  3. Do you have anger issues?
  4. At night you can be found.
  5. What word speaks to you?
  6. At a party you would wear.
  7. You are
  8. Your friend is having trouble with her homework. You?
  9. You are at a funeral. What do you say o the family who lost there grandpa.
  10. Your friend is being beaten up. You?
  11. Are you beautiful?
  12. When you are hurt. You?
  13. This _____ will be the end of me.
  14. Bye

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