What dere are you?

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Who are you tsundere,yandere,or kuudere????? Answer these questions to know who you truly are crazy pyshco killer sweet loving kind kuudere or mean cute on the inside Tsudere personal fav

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Created by: Loli

  1. What do you do if your crush waves at you?
  2. How do you tell your crush you love him/her this is a majorly required answer this with alll ur heart do it
  3. If you have upset your crush how do you make it up to him/her
  4. You are mad at someone for flirting with your crush what do you say?
  5. What are your opions on tea?
  6. Do you like this quiz
  7. What is your type?
  8. What are your opions on the world
  9. PLS tell ur friends
  10. Someone confess to ur crush what is ur reaction?

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Quiz topic: What dere am I?