What cute animal are you????

This quiz is pretty random you'll see. The quiz ask you questions you wouldn't expect so hopefully it will catch you a little off guard, and make you answer sincerely.

Are you the cute animal you think you are? Find out in my quiz! Just a few moments of your time will be wasted to see what you are in my dictionary..... From an elephant to a peacock...

Created by: Sofia

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How would you react to a close friend wanting to date your ex?
  2. Where would you pick to be from the below?
  3. Have you tried any of these foods? (if more than one choose favorite)
  4. Favorite color of listed
  5. Is their any kind of print near you.
  6. What would you rather do
  7. Pick a shape
  8. What are you feeling right now.
  9. What time is it.
  10. Have you noticed most of the question on the quizes you take have answers that just randomly get scored....hope your lucky

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Quiz topic: What cute animal am I????