what creepymon are you?

what creepypasta are you from? are you friendly or sad? want attention or friends? welcome to my quiz. there are 3 outcomes... try to see which one you are...

all you have to do is take my random quiz! hope you get a nice one~ oh wait this is a creepy pasta quiz they may be scary but don't worry~ this is just a quiz!

Created by: beenut
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. if a robbery is all over the news how would you react?
  2. how are you to your friends?
  3. what would you do if someone is taking all the glory?
  4. choose a number
  5. fav pokemon?
  6. QUICK! pick a color!
  8. if you life switch with lonliness then what?
  9. your worst experience starts again!
  10. last question!

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Quiz topic: What creepymon am I?