What Continent Should You Live In?

Have you ever wondered what continent you belonged in? Ever felt like you lived in the wrong place? This quiz will help you find what continent best fits you.

This quiz isn't meant to force you to move to another continent. It also isn't meant to be a definite answer. Whatever continent you think fits you best is where you should go. With that out of the way, let's begin!

Created by: AGuy27
  1. Are you okay with freezing on a barren island with no one around?
  2. Do you want to be in the North or South Hemisphere?
  3. Which description fits you better?
  4. Do you care about living in poverty?
  5. What climate do you want?
  6. Are you okay with learning Spanish or Portugese?
  7. Do you speak English?
  8. Do you want to have friends with assorted Antarctic animals or humans?
  9. Are you okay with war being a problem?
  10. Last Question: Are you excited to see your results.

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Quiz topic: What Continent should I Live In?