What color would I associate you with?

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This is a quiz to see which color I would associate you with. Comment your answer if you want. Does anybody actually read these thing? Anyways, I would associate myself with blue, though my favorite color is purple.

Ok there was a lot on LQBTQIA+ and tiktok. I will not stop and I will be myself. Moving on, happy memorial weekend, and happy summer. Sigh. We grow up so fast. Have a great day.

Created by: Bellatrix lestrange

  1. Ok so first of all, which answer do u want? *no black or white just these colors. I know, it’s like an outdated pride flag.
  2. Ok are you LGBTQIA+ And/or closeted?
  3. What’s your favorite color?
  4. Do you have tiktok?
  5. If you answered yes, then what kind of content is on your page? If not then answer what you like the most.
  6. Age?
  7. If you have any of this stuff, then you will more than likely get purple, orange, or green
  8. If you have any of this stuff you will more than likely get red, yellow, or blue
  9. Which of these Harry Potter characters is your favorite
  10. Pick a song
  11. Which of these ships could you totally see
  12. Which of these *In my opinion* Gross ships is the best

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