what color is your Aura??

what Aura do you have?? Wouldnt u love 2 know?? lalala what who when where and why the and why why www.zootoo.com bumblebee525 that is m,y zootoo name if you wwanna mail me LOl abnywy hope you loved the quiz.... enjoy love you -bumble

Whicj Aura do you want?? wouldnt u like 2 know?? hope you all have a merry x-mas and have any odf youseen the movie wild hogs ??? i love taht movie it is sooooo funny anyway email me ok ok great hope ur Aura is blue or purople not red!

Created by: Breâ¥
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  1. You are trying to finish some last minute christmas shopping and you see a homeless family sleeping in the sidewalk you.....????
  2. You go outside to water your plants and you see a wounded racoon what do you do..........
  3. You forgot 2 study for the big social studies quiz that is 75% of ur grade! The person who is sitting next to you is the smartest kid in the class and you can see their answers you....??
  4. whats your favorite color????
  5. You find a mean note from a friend that is about you... You...???
  6. Whats your favorite class??
  7. You are a ...
  8. Do you like animals??
  9. Do you like this quiz...??
  10. Who is Andy ethingon??

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Quiz topic: What color is my Aura??