what color is right for you?

i hope that you dont quit in the middle of this quiz and i was VERY bored so give me some credit. i also think hope that you tell your friends about this quiz even though it is odd and i think that they will get a laugh about it

i dont think you will get the answers that u hoped for but that is what quizes are for and i think you might laugh or leave really sweet comments now i no none of u r geniuses so that after you take this quiz that you will know that i was VERY bored

Created by: Pinka101

  1. what type of jeans do you like to wear?
  2. what genere of books do you like to read?
  3. what sports do you like to play?
  4. what % a day do you talk on the phone?
  5. what do you usually like to do on the enternet?
  6. what do you like to do on the phone text or talk?
  7. what kind of phone do you have or want?
  8. what kind or computer do you have?
  9. what cartoon do you like?
  10. what is your fave #?
  11. what do you prefer?
  12. what do you prefer?
  13. what proccess to get food do you prefer?

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