What color fits you?

there are many people that think... what color fits me?? well,whats a colorful person? a colorful person is someone that behaves well,and is nice and happy.

are YOU a colorful color? or just plain evil? if ur any kind of color.or you think ur a good color.then,take this quiz and find out what color you are!

Created by: Cocoagirl

  1. Your older sister flirts with your boyfriend...you...
  2. You wake up in the morning..its tuesday And you have to get up for school.You.....
  3. Are you mean to most people in school?
  4. Do you fight alot in ur neighborhood? like to ur enemies??
  5. Do you like the fields and green meados?
  6. Do you watch the sky,as the clouds pass by?
  7. What do you think about the dark? scary?
  8. You evil? like a spoiled brat???
  9. What do you think about Horror Movies?
  10. COMMENT!!!

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