What Color are you?

You know that your favorite color might not be your favorite color. There are all kind of color. In this quiz we have gold white red orange pink black green blue purple and yellow

Do you have a favorote color if you don't take this quiz it will tell you your favorite color. If you do have a favorite color then just take it for fun!!!

Created by: TigerNinja12
  1. What is your favorite fruit
  2. What color clothing do u like to wear?
  3. What color is your room?
  4. What color is your shoes?
  5. Do you like to swim
  6. Do you like nature?
  7. What colors are your eyes?
  8. What color do you like?
  9. Did you think question ten matteres to your results
  10. Do you think you got your favorite color?

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Quiz topic: What Color am I?