What color are you?

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There are many colors, but this one is Blue, Green, Black, White, and Red! You will have SOO much fun on this quiz - taking it and seeing your results!

Are YOU wondering what color you are or what color you express? Do you ever wonder what color your personality might be? Take this AWESOME quiz to find out!

Created by: Carm
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  1. What sounds most fun to you on a Saturday?
  2. What job sounds cool to you?
  3. You're going to the mall for the day with your best friend. What do you wear?
  4. What song do you like the most from the following:
  5. What vacation sounds most fun?
  6. Which hobby would you do out of the following:
  7. What animal do you like best?
  8. If you had a band, what would you most likely name it?
  9. What color sheets for your bed sound coolest for you?
  10. What type of Prom dress would you wear?

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Quiz topic: What color am I?