What color are you?

Here is a thing to test your personality, or your lifes color. I think you will enjoy this quiz along with what you get. I hope you will like this game!

Remember, be sure to answer honestly, if you don't and your very disapointed with your color look back on it and say,"Did i truely answer all these question LEGITLY"

Created by: Drake

  1. So your walking and see somebody getting mugged.... you
  2. You have football game, and church at the same time......
  3. You get invited to a party, but tonight is family night you...
  4. Soft drink
  5. Your turn to pick dinner! How quick do you answer?
  6. Your friends are laughing at you, what do you do?
  7. You see a puppy with a broken leg, you...
  8. Are you exited to see your color?
  9. HERE IT COMES!!!!!!!!!

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Quiz topic: What color am I?