What color are you?

You are black. When you have a chance to be rude or have un-acceptable behavior, sometimes you just take that chance. Many don't know why, but the truth is because the color you act and behave is black.

You are purple. You are sweet, good, and you know what is right to do and what is wrong. Sometimes you may wish you want to be a rebel, but sometimes you feel be being sweet,good purple is enough to be.

Created by: Henrietta

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  1. Are you secretive
  2. Are you shy?
  3. If your friend invited you to a party on a school night,would you accept?
  4. Its snowing,and theres no school for the day.What will you do?
  5. Your friend got the cellphone you wanted so badly,and on your birthay.How would you react?
  6. Your friends are sneaking out of school,and in the middle of the day.Will you go along with them or do the right thing?
  7. Your bestfriend is telling your big secret...and behind your back!You would:
  8. Homecoming is coming right up.Your friends are sure your going to lose again.You will:
  9. Its 8:03 am.Your outside on the sidewalk waiting for the bus.Your friend decides they'll ride their bike to school.Whilse they ride they hit a rock and fall.You will:
  10. Its your birthday.Your parents stil think your still young enough to take you to Chuck E Cheeses.You will:

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Quiz topic: What color am I?