What clothing style are you? (I KNOW U WANNA!)

In this quiz u'll find out what clothing style u have...

Thanks so much 4 takin my quiz hope u enjoy :D

Created by: PandaGirl

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Okay, so, I wanna ask you guys some serious ?'s first.... ARE YOU READY FOR THIS????
  2. Ok, first question: ARE YOU FEMALE?
  3. Ok, next question: What's your favorite type of hairstyle out of these:
  4. Um... let me think... Okay, next question is: Do you have or want any piercings?
  5. Okay, so, would you want your hair colored?
  6. Do you like skinny jeans or ripped jeans?
  7. What's your opinion on high tops?
  8. Do you wear lots of jewelry?
  9. okay, so, feathers in your hair used to be really popular and maybe it still is. Did you or did you like them?
  10. Thanks for takin my quiz! :D

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Quiz topic: What clothing style am I? (I KNOW U WANNA!)