What clone officer are you?

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Trooper, in service of the republic you mirror the actions of these clone officers. Veterans of combat these hero’s saw the most grueling and difficult fighting in the clone wars

You will be matched to an officer based on the answers for these 17 questions. There are no right and wrong answers (unless ur dumb) so don’t freak out

Created by: Jonah
  1. Do you embrace the teaching of your mandolorian combat instructors or the path of the Jedi?
  2. Where are your skills used most effectively ?
  3. What planet do you call home
  4. Alright trooper go grab gear
  5. The Republic High command has now authorized armor customization within your respective legion, what’s your design
  6. Your at most home fighting
  7. Favorite color?
  8. Your Jedi general makes a questionable battlefield decision based on the Jedi code, what is your response
  9. What specialist role outside of infantry would best suit you
  10. What droid do you fear most
  11. What general would u serve under
  12. You’re promoted to captain or commander, what is your preferred accouterments
  13. You’re gearing up for extreme environments, what’s your preferred
  14. You’re rushed to the cockpit, what starfighter suits your fancy
  15. Order 66 is imminent, you are given the opportunity to remove your inhibitor chip, what do you do?
  16. Order 66 is issued what do you do
  17. As the republic falls what do you do?

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Quiz topic: What clone officer am I?