Could you be in the clone wars. well this time you are. Aperently this is my first quiz i made so dont be picky.

Created by: icedragon01
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  1. Alright you and your family are out on a vacation in a remote place some where... What is your destination out of these places?
  2. Your out on the porch watching the stars, when you spot somthing strange. What do you see?
  3. You scream when a person lunges at you out of the darkness with what looks like a knife. What do you do?
  4. The person scratches your arm, but you manage to get in the house. You scream in terror when you see your parents dead on the floor and more people. But they arent human. What do you do?
  5. All of a sudden you feel a sharp pain in the back. Your knees buckle under your weight. You feel suddenly very tierd. You hear one of the aliens say "This ones a keeper. Hey boss, what do ya think we should do with her?"They speak my languge! Your eyelids feel heavy. Another voice comes in." She'll/He'll be our new servent." You drift of into a heavy sleep. What do you dream about?
  6. You wake up in what looks like a prison. An alien comes up to you and says, "It's bout time you woke up." He opens the prison. He leads you into a room. You relize your on a spaceship! You look at their leader. The alien that just brought you in goes up to him and whispers somthing into his ear. You glance around at the others. They'er all the same speices. Brown rough skin and some hair. They clothes are strange. You glance back at they'er leader. He motions you over. "My name is Hondo Ohnaka, your new master." What is your reaction?
  7. You look out of the window and see just blue. Hondo must have seen your puzzled face."Hehe, you've never been space traveling before have you?". You shake your head no."Why is it blue out there?", You ask. "We'er in hyper space. Your people are so primative." One the crew members come up and says," We've come over a distress call on our moon." "Go to the moon, see if we can find some stuff worth some credits." What do you do during the 30 minute trip to their moon.
  8. You come out of hyperspace and you see 4 planets. The ship heads for the grey-ish one. You see another ship off in the distance. What do you think of the ship?
  9. The ship lands on the moon. You and crew unload and start to salvage whats left on the wreckage. You hear a distant rumbling. What do you do?
  10. Hondo says not to wander off. You get bored and start to look around. Most of the crew is drunk from the alchol they dank. You see an old man in a hooded cloak. What do you do?
  11. Hondo and the old man talk and make some sort of deal. You and the crew bored the ship and head for the redish green planet. The crew unloads all the ship supplies. Hondo starts to trust you more. What do you do?
  12. Its been 2 days since you were on earth. Hondo says he's having some 'Guests'. The old man has been chained up for some reason. Hondo gave you some clothing to wear for his guests. What did he give you?
  13. Some time later Hondo's guests arrive. Two male humans enter the lounge area. One looks older than the other. Both are wearing what looks like milatary uniform. They seem freindly. Hondo starts to have a small talk with them. Hondo asks you to show them the old man. The 2 men called him Dooku. You lead them to the prisoner. After about 4 minutes you lead them back to Hondo. By now most of the crew is very drunk. Hondo offers the men drinks. He put some drugs in there to make the men fall into a deep sleep. You are upset that he did this to inocent men. What do you do?
  14. You get in trouble. Again you feel a sharp pain in your back but this time its more sharp and painful. You faint. What do you think happened?
  15. You wake up and find yourself in a prison(again). But your not alone. The old man they called 'Dooku' was in here as well. You see the 2 men you saw earlier. What do you do?
  16. The 2 men stir, and wake up. The one with the brown hair says,"Ughh.. Master? What happned?". The other says"I guess prate brew is stronger than we thought.""W-well, I only took a sip.""We were obviously drunk Anakin." You lean against the wall still listening to their coversation."Why risk losing the ransome?"Anakin asks his freind."I guess they might be trying to triple their pay day." You open your mouth to say somthing but another voice interupts. " A shroud observation, Master Kenobi." Anakin glares at Dooku."Oh great, its you...""I did warn you these pirates were devious. You will notice our shackles our bound together, even with the youngling." He nods in your direction. What do you do?
  17. Anakin and Kenobi look in your direction. They look back at Dooku and keep arguing. After a while, Kenobi sits down in front of you. "Sorry about that, time for a propper introduction. I am Obi-Wan Kenobi. And this is.." He is cut off."Anakin Skywalker." Kenobi grins at Anakin's remark."And, what might be your name?" What do you do?
  18. "Alright then, lets now try to find a way out of this place." Anakin glances at everyone."Anyone?".Dooku stands up"Let me try." He uses somthing to pick a plate of fruit. "Dont you think the prioraty is eascape first, eat second?!" You grin at his comment. Soon you escape the cell. "Do we know where were going?" you ask impaitiantly. "This way to the hanger" Kenobi has a puzzled look on his face."Yes, but is it safe?" They open the door, and there lay a whole group of pirates. You are captured and put back in the cell. What is your comment to Dooku?
  19. You escape again, but this time you are more percautious. A perently you werent fast enough and was spotted. You run with the others. Anakin busts down a door. He grabs a pole and runs for the gap. "All we need to do is make that wall!". You look at the wall. What do you say?
  20. You go flying throught the air. Apprently you slam right into the wall. What injury do you think you got?
  21. The pirates start shoot at you. "What are you doing down there?"Anakin says struggling to hang on. What do you say?
  22. You get caught (again -.-) But this time the punishment is severe. Anakin and Kenobi and chained up on some electricution thing. Dooku is, well you dont care. And your being a slave for Hondo. He starts to electrocute them. About 40 seconds into the electrocution, the power goes out. What do you do?
  23. You finally get free after meeting Anakin's old freind Jar Jar, you've been weirded out for the week. What do you ask Kenobi or Anakin on the way to Corosaunt?
  24. Did you like my first quiz?

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