What Christy Miller Character Are You?

As you continue to read the Christy Miller, Sierra Jensen, and the College Years Series, you begin to discover many amazing friends! (Note: Choices include Christy, Katie, Sierra and Tracy!)

Have you ever wanted to know which friend you are? Take this Quiz to see just which amazing friend you are!!! (Note: Choices include Christy, Katie, Sierra, and Tracy!)

Created by: amazon
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  1. Your idea of a perfect date would be...
  2. UGH! Your parents told you you couldn't go meet up with your friends to see the football game. You ask why and they answered,
  3. You've always dreamed of visiting...
  4. Yes! Mom tells me were having ____ tonight!
  5. Your 1st job would probably be...
  6. Your favorite color probably is...
  7. Your first home as newlyweds would probably be,
  8. Your crushed signed a note as "Forever" and to that he Really means,
  9. You "Accidentally" walk my a group describing you as a _____ kind of friend.
  10. If you had to describe one of the WORSTS times of your life it'd probably be,

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