What Cat Breed Should I Get?

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Have you ever wondered what cat you should adopt/buy? Well, this quiz will help you with that question! I don't know what else to write....The quiz needs 150 letters.

What should I put in this paragraph that takes up 150 letters....? Oh! There are so many cats to choose from so feel free to chose any others quiz besides mine.

Created by: CRAZYCATLADY123

  1. How active should your cat be?
  2. Should the cat be hypoallergenic?
  3. Do you have kids?
  4. Should your cat be vocal?
  5. Should your cat be independent?
  6. What coat type?
  7. How much grooming would you like to do?
  8. How much shedding can you tolerate?
  9. Now, something BIG: Shelter or Cat Breeder?
  10. Lastly, What cat would you like to get? (This question doesn't really matter, Gotoquiz just wants 10 questions for the quizzes )

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