What career would you be most successful at?

If you are looking for a career, looking to the future or just plain HAVING FUN...This is the test for you! I hope you enjoy this quiz!!!!!

Aren't you smart! You read to the second paragraph... You would be even smarter if you read the questions...or the parting words or even rate well and you would be a genius if you COMMENTED well!

Created by: funky-sock-wearer
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your outlook on the world?
  2. What kind of extra curricular activity sounds most fun?
  3. What do you want most from your job?
  4. what are you good at in school?
  5. which adaptation seems smartest?
  6. do you try to impress people?
  7. What does marketing always forget?
  8. Did you find a few questions in this test...odd?
  9. are you likely to apply for a job that requires you to be physically attractive?
  10. you usually...

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