What Buffy character are you.

I mad this quiz cuase I thought in would be fun and my favorite show is Buffy many people think the cast from Buffy is nerdy but really it's about being strong independent and it show things don't always work out

Now in few minutes you will find who you are in a very mystic world. I don't have all the Buffy characters like giles, Anya, or Joyce but I do have the very very main characters that have basically been here the woke time that everyone knows

Created by: Amanda

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Pick one
  2. What type of person do you attract
  3. Are you smart
  4. What kind of strong are you
  5. Favorite activity
  6. When you get a job what do you wanna get
  7. Do want a pet
  8. If so what kind of pet
  9. What kind of animal are u
  10. Last question what do you who do you want to be

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Quiz topic: What Buffy character am I.