What breed of horse should you own?

Hello guys! I see you are interested in owning a horse, and want to know what type is right for you! Ranging from Arabian, to Thoroughbred, there is a horse right for you!

I adore riding horses, but establishing a better no is really important! You can't do much without a bond... A big nod brings you closer to your horse.

Created by: JazzyThoroughbred
  1. How often do you ride?
  2. Have you owned a horse before?
  3. What discipline do you do?
  4. How old are you?
  5. How often should a horse be fed?
  6. Do all horses have to be shoed?
  7. Which of these is a real part of a horse?
  8. What does someone mean when they say you have a good seat?
  9. Which of these is a real racehorse?
  10. Which of these saddles is used for roping and reining?

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Quiz topic: What breed of horse should I own?