What breed of dog are you?

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There are lots of breeds of dog. They all have their different personalitys and charicteristics of their certain breed. This quiz includes a few dog breeds.

Do you want to find out wht breed of dog you are? Do you want to find out what breed of dog best matches your personality? well, do this quiz to find out!

Created by: starristar
  1. What is your favorite colour?
  2. Pick an object, any object...
  3. Were would you most like to live out of these places?
  4. What would be your dream job out of the following?
  5. It is the day of your birthday party! What would you most like to do?
  6. What is your favorite food out of the following?
  7. You are out for a walk in a forest and you see a deer, what do you do?
  8. Pick a weapon...
  9. Rate and comment?
  10. Bye guys

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Quiz topic: What breed of dog am I?